Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Increased Medicaid Reimbursement for Nursing Homes.   Information Bulletin #339 (9/2011).

    The American Health Care Association, the national trade organization for the nursing home industry, and the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care have been on You Tube with a "Care Not Cuts" campaign.  These two organizations have mounted a sophisticated campaign on behalf of  nursing homes and against cut-backs for their clients - the nursing homes. . Their common thread: Medicaid reductions have hurt nursing homes.

    What they do not state is the average Medicaid per diem expenditure continues to increase significantly.  What they do not tell you is what your State spends to keep people institutionalized.  They also do not tell you that each State could save a bundle of money by moving people into the community.

    In 2009, Medicaid nationally spent more than $50 billion on nursing home care.

    The state-by-state data below is from an AHCA report.  It provides the average Medicaid expenditure  your State spent per person per day for nursing homes in 2010.  (This data  may not even include additional Medicaid expenditures other than what was paid to the nursing homes.)

    A number of States did not provide the information and are not included below.

     We also calculated the percentage increase from 2006 to 2010 for the average Medicaid expenditure per diem per person for each State.

    If you multiple the 2010 per diem amount by 365 days, you'll compute the average annual MA expenditure in your State per person in a nursing home.  Yes, it's a big business and the elderly and disabled are the cash cows that keep the Medicaid funds flowing.

    Where is the home-care industry's campaign?  What are the elderly and disabled advocates doing to counter the misinformation that the nursing home industry is putting out?  Who is mounting a campaign "Care In My Home - Not Nursing Homes"?

    Steve Gold, The Disability Odyssey continues  

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                       FY 2010        % increase
Arizona              $166.99        16.20%
California.        $164.65          12.20%
Colorado            $188.76      15.6
Connecticut.         221.38        7.6
Delaware             206.36        -2.9
Florida.               202.66        18.2
Georgia.            139.84          16
Hawaii.                231.67        15.3
Idaho                193.56           20.5
Illinois                117.57          17.5
Indiana                 151.78        12.4
Iowa.                139.23           20.1
Kansas              132.41        11.8          
Maine.                 178.11        7.5
Maryland            212.89        12.4
Massachus          196.09        8
Michigan              205.54        16.5
Minnesota           162.91        12          
Missouri               132.69        17.5
Montana.           167.43        10.2
Nebraska             143.37        4.9
Nevada.             183.01        10
New Hampshire.195.21        9.8
New Jersey.        204.96        7.6          
New York          216.5        9.6
North Dakota.    194.36        23.5
Ohio                    177.45        8.2
Oklahoma            128.89        9.1
Oregon               217.14        17.3
Pennsylvania       205.96        12.6          
South Carolina.     154.12        11.3
South Dakota.      128.76        12.2
Tennessee           144.63        9.4
Texas                  126.29        16.5
Utah                   161.54        11.6
Vermont               182.56        12
Virginia.               143.6        7.7
Washington.         161.03        13.8          
Wisconsin            154.56        15.4
Wyoming            164.03        14.9

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